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 Transource Environmental Certifications

Transource Computers offers a wide range of products meeting ENERGY STAR, EPEAT, WEEE, 80PLUS, RoHs, and other environmental standards. We're committed to providing our customers with the best environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient solutions available. Transource has the unique flexibility needed to quickly adopt these new standards and was among the first manufacturers within the industry to adopt ENERGY STAR 8.0 and the newly introduced EPEAT rating systems.

ENERGY STAR® qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. Qualified computers and office equipment such as monitors, use as much as 60% percent less energy than their traditional counterparts.

ENERGY STAR 8.0, a new set of standards for ENERGY STAR compliant computing systems. ENERGY STAR 8.0 has The new specification takes a "whole system" approach, requiring internal and external power supply efficiency and energy efficiency across multiple operating modes: standby, sleep, and idle state. Significantly stricter than its predecessor, ENERGY STAR 8.0 will reduce greenhouse gas emissions equal to that of around 7 million cars.

In order to reduce fossil fuel use, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and cut down on energy costs, Transource sells products that meet the ENERGY STAR 8.0 requirements, and we are committed to developing and manufacturing future ENERGY STAR compliant systems.

See the EPA's complete list of approved ENERGY STAR products:

» http://www.energystar.gov/

EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool) is a procurement tool designed to help public and private sector purchasers compare and select desktops, notebooks, and monitors based on environmental attributes. Our EPEAT product offerings further demonstrate our commitment to develop and manufacture environmentally responsible products.

Find a complete list of Transource's EPEAT registered products here:

» Transource EPEAT registered products.

 Epeat ( Conflict Minerals Disclosure and Annual Report

Transource Services Corp commitment to acting in an socially and environmentally responsible manner will ensure that we will do our diligence in ensuring that products purchased for our OEM Desktop systems are not being sourced by us or any of our suppliers from areas considered “Conflict minerals” as defined by the US legislation. Currently these include the metals tantalum, tin, tungsten and gold, which are the derivatives of the minerals cassiterite, columbite-tantalite and wolframite, respectively. The SEC rules define conflict minerals as 3TG metals and wherever extracted from South Africa in Sudan, Central Africa Republic, Congo Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Rwanda or Burundi. We engage in ongoing supplier communications regarding the substance of conflict minerals and our objective of responsible sourcing of these minerals. We routinely request confirmation from our main system product suppliers to confirm where raw product is being procured.

» Transource EPEAT conflict materials report.

» Transource Service Corp Supplier Code of Conduct Policy.

As of January 2008, Transource is ISO 14001-2004 self-certified, meaning we meet a specific series of voluntary environmental management standards. Our Environment Management System's processes are in place to inform and train personnel to achieve environmental performance improvements. Top management is actively defining our e-policy and direction.

For more information about our ISO 14001-2004 self-certification or publicly available EMS, please email your request to:

» info@transource.com

At Transource Computers we are continually working to manufacture products that meet the standards of the European Union's WEEE Directive (Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment) and RoHS Directive (the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment).

These directives ban new electrical and electronic equipment from being placed on the European Market if they do not meet strict environmental standards. By working to comply with these directives we are demonstrating our commitment to manufacture products that help protect our environment.

 Our Commitment

Achieving, maintaining and improving environmental quality is an essential part of the Transource mission.

Transource is committed to:

  • Complying with environmental standards applicable to its present operations
  • Planning its future activities to minimize environmental impacts
  • Conserving irreplaceable natural resources
  • Maximizing pollution prevention initiatives.

Transource has set and will periodically review environmental objectives and targets for achieving these commitments.

Transource shall conduct its activities according to Federal, State, local, and applicable Department of Defense (DoD) contractor environmental policy. Managers at all levels are responsible for compliance with all relevant environmental policy. All Transource employees are responsible and accountable for the environmental consequences of their actions.

The Transource environmental program has been developed and implemented, and is underpinned by the three tiers of compliance, conservation, and prevention of pollution.


Transource shall comply with applicable Federal, State, local, DoD environmental laws, standards, and requirements. Environmental program managers shall devise and implement management plans where required by regulation and ensure such plans are properly disseminated and adhered to.


Transource shall conserve natural resources through effective environmental planning and management. The environmental consequences of proposed actions and reasonable alternatives will be integrated into all levels of decision.

Prevention of Pollution

Transource shall prevent future pollution by reducing the use of hazardous materials and releases of pollutants into the environment to as near zero as feasible and practical. This will be done first through source reduction (e.g., chemical substitution, process change, and other techniques).

When the use of hazardous materials cannot be avoided, the spent material and waste will be reused or recycled, whenever possible. As a last resort, spent material and waste that cannot be reused or recycled will be disposed of in an environmentally safe manner, consistent with the requirements of applicable laws.


 Packaging Reduction & Reuse Program

Transource is dedicated to the reduction, reuse, and recycling of all of our product packaging. To achieve this goal and reduce our use of extraneous packing elements, Transource is focused on the following key areas to maximize our effectiveness.

Size: Transource has designed all of our packaging to utilize the available space to its fullest, while ensuring safe arrival to its destinations. Smaller packaging reduces the materials used and also allows for more products to be placed onto a pallet or truck, thereby lowering the carbon emissions needed for transport.

Weight: The weight of our shipping supplies is another key factor in packaging reduction. By selecting modern and lightweight materials for our packaging, Transource is able to significantly reduce the quantity of material needed and the energy consumption needed to create it. As the weight of our packaging materials lessen, so too does the carbon emissions required to ship it.

Materials Used & Post-Consumer Content: All of our boxes contain a high percent of post-consumer content with a minimum of 23% and are durable enough for multiple reuses. Other materials are selected based on their environmental impact in areas such as; recyclability, post-consumer content, durability, and other key factors. Foam and insulation is kept to a minimum and used only when deemed necessary. Foam insulation is often reused multiple times due to its long usable life cycle.

Re-Use of Materials: Palletized boxes and shipping material are reused whenever possible and appropriate. Many materials are used for alternative purposes within our warehouse. All other packaging materials are reused and recycled, or if neither applies, disposed of properly.

Easy Package Recycling:

  • a) Packages are designed with recyclability in mind. Dissimilar materials (cardboard, foam, etc) are not bonded together in order for easy separation prior to recycling. (EPEAT
  • b) All plastic packaging materials ≥25g shall be clearly marked with material type in accord with ISO 11469/1043, ASTM D7611/D7611M, or DIN for easy identification. (EPEAT

Transource Packaging Engineering Specifications (Criterion 4.7) Download PDF Specifications

 Takeback / Recycling Program

Transource offers a complete solution for the Takeback and recycling of obsolete or end-of-life computer equipment. We offer recycling for all outdated computer equipment, regardless of brand, using a cost-effective industry leader with a long history of reliable and trusted service to numerous corporations and government agencies. We also accept rechargeable batteries and recyclable packaging materials for free.

Our partnership has allowed Transource to offer a full turnkey recycling solution that is simple, environmentally-friendly, and complies with all State and Federal regulations. In addition, Transource offers program participant discounts off purchases of Transource name brand equipment.

Takeback Availability: The Transource Recycling Takeback Program covers a wide range of electronic equipment and manages the proper recovery, disposal and recycling of: all computers (desktops, servers, laptops and other handheld devices, etc.), monitors and displays (CRTs, LCDs, Plasmas, etc.), rechargeable batteries, memory, hard drives, network cards, and software.

 Recycling Process

Transource strives to make the recycling process as easy as possible. As a free source to our customers, Earth911 maintains one of North America's most extensive recycling databases with over 100,000+ listings. You can simply dial 1-800-CLEANUP or use Earth911's website tool to recycle your computers, monitors, keyboards, rechargeable batteries, etc. To use their tool you just select the material you are trying to recycle followed by entering your zip code and then click search to see a listing of available drop-off locations in North America.

Another free source is Call2 Recycle which also provides thousands of locations in North America. Simply use their drop-off locator to find the nearest location to you.

Two other FREE alternatives services, in North America, are you can send your electronics, i.e. computers, monitors, keyboards, rechargeable batteries, etc., to our corporate office or we can provide on-site pick up service. If you choose to send it to our corporate office we asked that you contact our IT/Technical Support team (toll free at 800-486-3715) and they will provide a free pre-paid shipping label which affixes to your package/s and have it delivered to our corporate office. If you would like on-site pick up, please contact our IT/Technical Support team for instructions on how to schedule a pick up. Please be prepared to provide a date, time, place, as well as, number of packages, estimated weight, dimensions, quantities and types of electronics being recycled as well as,making sure all electronics are in secured boxes. If you have large quantities, i.e. weigh +140 LBS, we asked that they are palletized for ease of transportation.

  • Desktops, Notebooks & Tablets     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Servers, Monitors & Networking equipment     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Rechargeable Batteries     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)
  • Packaging Material     (Transource provides FREE pre-paid shipping labels)

Data Sanitation: Transource and our recycling partners follow all DoD regulations regarding data sanitation prior to hard drive recycling. The method used to sanitize the hard drives writes all addressable locations with a character, its binary complement, then a random character and then we verify the results. The physical hard drives will be completely destroyed using industry-leading practices.

WEEE Directive Compliance: The dismantling process involves redistribution and/or recycling of precious metals, plastic, glass, and circuit boards in accordance with applicable WEEE directive and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. All toxic materials and hazardous components, including lead, mercury and cadmium, will be disposed of according to EPA guidelines.

Products suitable for reuse shall be or according to the client’s request. Charitable organizations working for needy children and underprivileged peoples are common recipients of reused and redistributed computers and computer components.

For information on all of our Takeback programs, call us toll free at 800-486-3715.

 Criterion: Third party certified Environmental Management System (4911)

Transource is committed to protecting the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of its operations and services. Through the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, Transource shall strive to prevent pollution and operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which Transource subscribes.Transource is committed to protecting the environment by reducing the environmental impacts of its operations and services. Through the continuous improvement of its environmental performance, Transource shall strive to prevent pollution and operate in compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations and other requirements to which Transource subscribes.

  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the company subscribes which relate to its environmental aspects.
  • Prevent or minimize and make safe releases to air, water and land of substances that could adversely affect the environment.
  • Reduce waste at the source by careful use of materials, energy and other resources, and maximize recycling opportunities.
  • Seek continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
  • Set and review objectives and targets to improve environmental performance based upon systematic evaluation of significant aspects of process and products.
  • Have top management review and improve our Environmental Management System to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Communicate the Environmental Policy to employees and make it available to the public.

Criterion - Corporate environmental performance reporting by manufacturer (4921)

Environment Unit of measure Calendar Year 2020 Calendar Year 2021
Scope 1 Emissions MTCO2e 0.5 0
Scope 2 Emissions MTCO2e 94 99
Electricity Consumed (total) k(Wh) 217,360 228,400
Water Consumption (total) Gallons (g) 59,840 48,620
Note: This corporate environmental performance report has been 3rd party verified at the enterprise level using EPA QA/G-8 framework. Date: 7/22/2022

  Transource complies w/ EPEAT Required-Battery replacement and information:

Transource offers battery repair and replacement for all notebooks, irrespective of whether the product is out of warranty. Choose the service and repair option that's best for you.

  • Call Transource's IT department (Toll-Free: (888) 544-5120) and provided either, sales order number, serial number or customer information such as phone number, address, and date of purchase.
  • Email our IT department at support@transource.com and provide the above information.

How to remove laptop battery instructions.

    Criterion Identification of materials & components requiring selective treatment

RAM Removal (memory card exceeds 10cm^2) - Remove the memory card by pushing down on the tab (yellow arrows point to tab) and pull then pull the card out. This system shows two memory cards installed.


External cable removal - How to unplug-remove external cable from back of PC. Using your fingers remove external cable from the rear of the PC by pulling cable away from the chassis.


Motherboard installation & removal

battery-a battery-a battery-a

B2000S components


battery-a Image 1

The motherboard in the B2000S contains a Lithium-Ion battery that must be removed during recycling. The battery is clipped onto motherboard (see image 1). The battery can be removed by releasing the clip on one side, which will allow the battery to pop out. No special tools required other than fingernail or small screwdriver.



    battery-a Image 2

   The drive will either be an onboard M.2 drive, hard drive or both. The hard drive is removed by pushing the two plastic       ends away from the drive (image 2). The M.2 is removed by pulling up on the plastic black ring (image 3). None of the storage devices are permanently soldered to the motherboard.


    battery-a Image 3

   Motherboard with location of battery:


.. ..Printed Circuit Board Locations:
.. ..One Motherboard = Center of Chassis
.. ..One Power Supply= Bottom of Chassis
.. ..One or more RAM = Actual part
.. ..One Hard Drive = Inside the HD
.. ..One M.2 = Actual part
.. .. Plastics with Brominated Flame Retardants = Not Present
.. ..External Electrical Cable = Power Cable (plugs into of device)


   Component locations for B2000M & B3000M

    B2000S & B3000S

    Using your fingers pushdown on the gray tab to release memory/RAM.

   Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.

   DVD/CD location and removal for B2000M & B3000M

    B2000S & B3000S

    Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.

   Component locations for Scorch 1050 & Scorch 2050

    B2000S & B3000S

    Yellow arrows point to motherboard screw locations. Screws are removed with Phillips screwdriver.

    Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000S PC.

    SCO 1050 and SCO 2050

    Follow component removal instructions as stated above in B2000M PC.